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Fresh Handmade Fudge
We make our own Fresh Fudge, more than 20 different flavors in store.  Buy as little as 1/4 Lb. or 100 Lb.
Custom flavors and gift packing available on special  order.  Great gift idea for you Customers, Clients, Employees.
If you have retail business and like sell Fudge, we can do business together.

Handmade  Chocolate
Variety of Gourmet Chocolate Nut Cluster, English Toffee, Divinity, Honey Comb, Chocolate dipped Oreos, Grahams & Gummy Bear

Peanut Butter chocolate fudge
chocolate and P.B. fudge swril
Praline Pecan Fudge
Vanilla fudge w/ praline center & caramel
Heath toffee fudge
Heath pices mixed with chocolate fudge
Oreo fudge
Vanilla fudge w/ Oreo pieces
Butter pecan fudge
Vanilla fudge w/ Pecan
Chocolate fudge
Creamy Chocolate fudge
Orange Cream fudge
Orange and Vanilla swril fudge
Rocky road fudge
Chocolate fudge w/ marshllow & walnut
Chocolate Walnut fudge
Chocolate fudge w/ walnut pieces
Mocha fudge
Chocolate w/ coffee fudge
Mint Chocolate swril
Chocolate & mint fudge swril
Reaspberry Chocolate
Chocolate & Raspberry fudge swril
Strawberry vanilla fudge
Strawberry & Vanilla fudge swril
Vanilla fudge
Plain Vanilla fudge
Penuchi fudge
Brown sugar fudge w/ walnut
Maple Black walnut
Maple fudge w/ Black walnut pieces
Coconut chocolate fudge
Chocolate fudge w/ coconut layer
Sugar Free chocolate
Sugar free chocolate fudge
Butter finger fudge
crushed Butter finger w/ chocolate fudge
Snickers fudge
Chocolate fudge w/ Peanut praline
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