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We use coconut oil to poped popcon, cheesy popcorn made with melted cheese.
we specialize to make Caramel Corn, one of the old time favorite treat. Our delicious small batch Caramel Corn made on premises from scratch, (like Grandma' used to make for us) . There is no secrate recipe, but prefectly cooked caramel make Caramel corn crunchy enough and melt in mouth. You definitley fall in love with. We cooked our Caramel upto certain temprature, so it taste real Caramel,
not like sugary syrup, then we fold fresh popcorn.
That's make difference with small batch artisan Caramel Corn.


Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn w/
Peanut, Pecan & Almond

Caramel Corn W/
Pretzel & Choc. Drizzle

Caramel Corn w/
Chili flakes and Pecan

Zebra Caramel Corn w/
Chocolate & white cholate drizzel

Theater style, salted Popcorn

Olive oil & black peper

Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

Jalapeno Cheddar Popcorn

White Cheddar popcorn

Savory flavored Popcorn :
Permesan & Garlic
Honey Mustard
Sourcream & chives
Hot n' Spicy

Flavored Candy Corn:

green Apple
Birthday Cake

Large Quantity

Custom flavors,
Private Lable
Variety Como Pack
Bulk Quantity
available for your
Employees, Customers.

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